Hardywood Brewery // RamBam

Hardywood Brewery had great success with a Virginia Tech beer, and wanted to recreate that with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

They developed the brew, then asked Brandcenter students to name the beer, design the can, craft a tagline, and design a tap.

My team won the pitch. Two weeks later the beer was produced and available for sale!

Important notes:
- The state of Virginia is a Commonwealth. 
- For legal reasons, we were not allowed to say any proprietary “VCU” words anywhere on the can.

Can and Tap Design

Can Features:
As you drink your beer, the change in temperature erases the doodles on the map, leaving you with a blank canvas.

With that blank canvas, you can use an AR feature on your phone (via the Hardywood App) to doodle your own designs onto your can.

The Real Deal:
Thanks to Hardywood Brewery for bringing us this brief and bringing Rambam into production!



Creativity takes more forms than just the arts. Some people express themselves through their research, athletic, and academic interests. With this owned-social callout series, Hardywood will highlight members of the community who are doing incredible, uncommonly amazing things in the lab, library, and beyond.

When they're feeling saucy, and the time is right, Hardywood will also host a tasting event to celebrate the community member's accomplishments.

 A Mural with Merch to Match