Milk Duds

Rage Against Sexy
Milk Duds are an American candy made from caramel coated in chocolate. They look like goat poop.

In English, a “Dud” is something that doesn’t work or just isn’t quite right. Milk Duds are called “Duds” because the creator couldn’t get the caramel to come out in perfect spheres, so he just gave up and embraced the ugly. We found that inspirational.

Why fight to be sexy when you can rage against it?

Bus Station Takeover

Pop-Up Shop
The only person who says you’re cute is your mom? Perfect! At this shop, you don’t pay with money, you pay with all the terrible things people have ever said to you about your appearance. 

Conveniently located next to the Victoria’s Secret on 5th Ave in NYC.

Become a Dud
At the pop-up, you can stand in front of a mirror, and have your photo taken. The mirror will turn you into one of the duds and you can send the image to your phone. You can even bring your dog!

Take home a tote for the trauma that gave you that incredible sense of humor.

AD:  Lindsey Evans