Mattel Unhunger Box

No Imagination Without Fuel

When school lets out for the summer in Los Angeles, hunger becomes a 24/7 reality for the 410,000 kids that lose access to school lunches.

The Mattel Unhunger Box is here to help by distributing lunchboxes to food insecure children, enabling them to get free lunch.

These distribution carts will be placed at 3 LA schools, to hand out the official Unhunger Boxes.

Kids can take their Unhunger Boxes to any Ralphs for a free lunch.

Mattel can keep the handouts going for 30 days, then they need some help. A call for donations will go out on social media, enabling the public to help fuel children’s imaginations across LA all summer long.

The families with the most need are more likely to be using public transportation, so ads in bus stops let kids (and their parents) know where they can pick up the free lunchboxes.

AD: Alyssa Moreno
XD (3d renders): Peyton Spangler