Take The Wheel

Carvana is an entirely online marketplace (in the US) where you can buy and sell cars without ever needing to step foot in a lot.

When you shop on Carvana, you’ve already done your research, you feel confident, and you definitely don’t need a sleazy old car saleman questioning your choices.

By modernizing the whole process, Carvana is putting you back in the driver’s seat of your own car buying experience.

Usually you only see reviews online. 
As a stunt, we had Carvana take control and release a fleet of cars wrapped in pure Carvana consumer confidence.

New Carvana buyers will get some top notch bumper stickers to show off.


Carvana already has those wild towers, so we took full advantage. And the best part? Consumers stay in the driver’s seat by voting on who they want to see perform!

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