Barnes & Noble Booksellers

The Entrance to Anywhere

B&N is an iconic chain of bookstores that is a staple in all American book-loving kid’s lives. When we needed to go somewhere, we looked for the entrance to anywhere.

This started as a brand book (AD: Michael Shae), then it was adapted into a campaign (AD: Kendall Boron).

This is intended to be a walking tunnel, not a car tunnel.


Barnes and Noble believes in equity of access - to stories, to history, and to the future. 

In the U.S. many books have been banned by those who want to erase the errors of the past. 

To make informed decisions, and to build a better future, young people need to hear these stories. Barnes and Noble will set up little free libraries full of those banned books to ensure that those important stories still get told.

A souvenir from anywhere